Things that pop out your head when you’re about to go to “la-la land” on zipro!

Perpetual sleeplessness is also called insomnia!
We- (meaning me) – fight the said problem with the following:
4.Peppermint Tea
5. More Sex
6. More Tea
7. More meditation and yoga
8. Realize that none of the above work and “I’m no Contortionist”!!
9. Walk around like a decrepit old maid and unable to bend
10. Realize I need to exercise and do yoga to fix the #9!
11. Perpetually thinking about sex
12. Counting Sheep!
13. Last Resort – Coleridge!
14. Write Poetic Porn and realize that it is completely counter-productive because it makes me horny which in turn makes me restless!
All of the above having been exhausted I was given a magical medicament called Zipro!
And while on said medication the things that come out of ones head right before one goes to sleep are as follows:
A true account of madness!
In times of adversity, we face an inane fear.
Change – like unexpected waves of motion.
He said not to care too deeply and
That is oh so easy!
I spent so long giving! Every minute, Every day
Every hour, Every week
It is time for selfishness and want, and need.
In the exuberance I got injured but,
In said exuberance I found freedom.
He’s wrong. I do not think I’m beautiful.
But I am one of a kind.
I am the one and only, trapped in lonely ,
weaving, ceaseless caves of ice.
Of never-ending turmoil and disdain,
For nonchalant, uncaring, ignorance.
My thoughts now forming….and ice,
the cold, cold ice still, ever growing.
I must thread carefully for he is so addictive.
The pleasure wrought upon my body and my soul.
He has no equal in provision, nor in consequence.
The pleasure seething…. seeping through the caves of ice.
As a crashing wave from within the waterfall
I crash into those caves of ice.

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