Pain – The driving force behind living!

Pain is a funny thing. Even when you think you have had enough to claim full immunity… Someone is going to come along and decide otherwise!

Personally Pain is something that I am all too familiar with! We go a loong way back…

It has been my closest friend and my worst enemy. My guiding light and the overbearing darkness… How can it be you will ask…

In the beginning pain is something that we perceive as being unpleasant but, when you get used to it due to it’s annoying nature of re occurrence, it becomes almost like a limb you cannot remove. And whilst it’s absolutely driving you insane and into utter depression it can also enlighten you.  Pain is something that can come along sometimes just to humble us in real life so we don’t get too big a head.  So we don’t forget to remember that we are not supernatural but, rather very much human and fairly tiny considering the grand scheme of things…. ya know?!

There’s the physical Pain – definitely reminds us that we are not made of Steel or Titanium! Rather the mushy soft stuff that has thousands of nerve endings that will tell you – You’re Not Iron Man!!!

There’s the emotional Pain – this type definitely reminds us that we seriously need to be kind to one another or else we shall all become very much like savages from Alien V.S. Predator! Hell even Alien had more emotion and, might I add some courage and class!

Then there’s also the – “Soul Deep Pain”. A type of pain that makes us all confused about who we are, where we’re going and what we’re doing… It’s almost strange… like a stick in the road that punctures our tire and send us off into a free-spin down the ravine!

All three are horrible but SDP just happens to be how I’m feeling right now.

All because of one or two people that decided to be absolute assholes and F*CK You Up Big Time! And I really don’t care how sorry they are, or how messed up the circumstances were! We are human beings and while messing up once in a while is OK, fucking up someones life and destroying their family is so Not!!!

I had my shit together! I knew where I was going and what I was doing and how I was going to get there! But this B**CH comes along and pretends to be your friend and then screws up your and your family’s life just because she was fucking deranged at that moment in time?!

A lot of you might say that i shouldn’t be writing this but, hell i gotta vent somewhere and this is ideal! At least by my standards!

I have had 3 rather strong whiskeys and would rather really go to bed but, before I sign off.

if you do get hurt regardless by who and in what way… take it, accept it and be a better person for it and that’s, how Pain can become your closest fried….

Anyhow that’s just my ramblings…

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